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Feeling lost, stuck and unfulfilled

is unfortunately so common for women in the mid life transition phase of life. You begin to wonder if there is something more out there for you now that your kids don’t need you so much. So you look inward and realize that you have lost sight of who you are, what you like, what you want to do now and even what you find joy in other than looking after your family.

Wouldn’t it be great to step away from the feelings of being lost and reconnect with everything that is uniquely you?

To find what you enjoy and your new purpose so you can be excited to live this next phase of life?

And then go for the dreams you forgot you had or maybe even new ones and show everyone the bright shining star that is you?

I understand

how this phase of life is can be very challenging in so many aspects.

My mid-life plight was plagued with “Now What?” and pretty much started when my daughters left home. Even though I was excited to see them step out on their own and become the masters of their own life, it felt like it left me with a hole in mine. Though now I realize there was so much to it, at the time, without having their wants and needs to focus on, I looked inward and honestly didn’t really care for what I found.

It had been so long since I focused on myself that I didn’t even know what I liked, never mind what I wanted to do or who I was anymore! It was so depressing. How in the world do you not know what you enjoy. But I didn’t.

 Well, by taking step after step of uncomfortable action, leaps of faith and following the bread crumbs, I found my way back to me. So now I know what kinds of things I enjoy and want, and I am going after my dreams.

My Mission

That is why it is my mission is to reconnect women with their true selves. Everyone deserves to know what brings them joy and to know what they want, and to have a purpose that is uniquely theirs. And they shouldn’t have to spend years trying to figure it out by going it alone.

My Approach

I understand that when we try to change, many layers and aspects work together to keep us where our body and mind feel safe. And we need to work with all those aspects for change and for a new way of operating our lives to stick.

 That is why I work 1 to 1 with my clients. I meet them where they are at now, with no judgment and much compassion because every woman’s path, layers, wants, joys, and vision of their life are unique as they are.

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